QserialPort Frame Burts / time efficiency

  • Hello there,

    i´m new to serial communication on OS driven Platforms and have a question regarding efficency of Portusage.

    Let´s assume the following Szenario:
    I have a Qt project where are existing several instances of Class. These classes are kind of mirrors of physical existing devices which are connected in a bus through a USB<=>Uart Bridge.

    There are two ways possible to do the communication.
    1.) Send a Frame in a Byteburst for each Instance-PhysicalDevice Pair (calling serial.write severall times)

    2.) Gather all Frames and send them in one large frame (calling serial.write just once)

    I´m talking about ~20 Instance-PhysicPairs.
    Is one large frame "MUCH" more efficient or just "a little" more efficient than multiple bursts?

    best regards,

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