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QML Camera doesn't show full-screen

  • Hi,

    I've got a QML Camera element in my app. The viewfinder shows and runs ok but I'm not able to make it full-screen. The viewfinder takes whole screen height but leaves empty rectangles in left and right end. Any ideas?

    Setting "captureResolution" or "width"/"height" doesn't seem to have effect.

    Tested on N8 and E7.

  • The size for camera view finder has some issues to being re sized to fit the entire screen, I remember a thread in qt mail-list. I don't remember exactly the cause/solution of this issue, I will dig from my mailbox and update. I faced the same issue when I used camera classes from QtMobility. Meanwhile, just don't worry - ur not alone :)

  • Thanks Srikanth! :)

    I was/am worrying if it's possible to have a full-screen viewfinder through QML "Camera" element at all.

  • Here it comes, one of the "discussions": about QCamera viewfinder resolution. Please note the QCamera is indeed the camera backend for QML Camera Plugin. Hence it has to be fixed in QtMobility first. On the other hand, did you try resizing the declarativeview, in case if you are using it.

  • Hmm.. Interesting, but unfortunately I'm not sure how much I'm able to understand/benefit from the discussion you kindly posted. It's probably clearer and more informative for you than for me. I'm a qt newbie.

    Then on your question about resizing the declarativeview. Do you mean that I force the view to be bigger than the screen and that way make the viewfinder to cover whole screen? That could work in a way but it messes up layout of the rest of the UI that I draw on top of the viewfinder. I'd prefer a classier solutions if there is one.

  • Unfortunately there is no classier solution to this, and that is what the discussion thread says. Earlier for one of our projects, we used Camera API and showed the view finder widget. But nothing appeared until we realized that we should not re-size the viewfinder. Im glad that you are not experiencing it with QML Camera plugin. As we have moved on leaving the camera api as "not yet matured", I would encourage you to post this issue to "qml-mail list":

    If you get any solution be kind enough to update this thread so that it is useful to other members.

  • Hello, would it be possible please to see your application code for the QML Camera element? I'm struggling at the moment to make mine working on the N8.

    Thank you in advance

  • I wonder if this issue is resolved somehow? Experiencing the same problem.

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