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Threading in conjunction with communication layers

  • Hello guys, I´m batman... what the.... what the Fxxx is this?!

    No, seriously,
    i´m bulding something where a PC hostet QtApp communicates with small 8-Bit µC´s clients via a USB<=>Serial connection.
    Is this a point where it is handy, to use threading?
    I come to this question from my previous post
    Is communication generally something which often brings up a demand for threading?


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    Qt already uses separate threads internally for communications. You usually don't need to create your own threads.

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    Qt already uses separate threads internally for communications

    If to be more clean, the Qt uses an event-loop internally (and some of helper classes, like QSocketNotifier, QWinEventNotifier and so on) to handle an i/o events asynchronously. Also, can be used QThreads internally too (depends on implementation of concrete Qt class).

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