Mousearea drag lag

  • Why does the mousearea lag so far behind the actual mouse position during dragging?

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    @Stado Not sure but can you try setting environment variables as suggested in this QTBUG-33346.

  • This does not seem to be bug because i can see this "effect" in every single qtquick 2 app. It is noticeable even in screencaptures of qml apps on youtube. The lag is omnipresent so to speak. I was quite hopeful that drag.smoothed: false would fix this but it didn't. The problem seems to be in the way qtquick is tracking mouse movement because if i do the naive drag:

    onPositionChanged: {
       draggedRectangle.x = mouse.x
       draggedRectangle.y = mouse.y

    the lag is still there.
    Vsync doesn't seem to be the problem either since it happens every 16.7 (or so) millisec but the lag is longer than that.

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