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Plugin can't be found on OSX

  • It's again Jens's "QML desktop-components":

    I'm using them on Windows and it works without issues. On OSX however I keep getting:

    bq. qrc:/qml/MyProject/main.qml:4:1: module ":.desktop-components.components" plugin "styleplugin" not found

    In the qml-file I import via
    @import "../../desktop-components/components"
    import "../../desktop-components/components/plugin"@

    To build the plugin I did:
    make clean,qmake,make and make install (inside Qt Creator).
    You can find the output of these commands in this pdf-file:

    I also set QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS=1 in Bash and started Qt Creator via Bash but got none output (maybe because I'm starting my program in release-mode ?).

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