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Screen Tearing issue

  • Hi,

    Below is the environment setup,

    Board: Custom made

    Processor: AM3354

    SDK: 7

    Linux :3.12

    Application: QT5.3

    We have faced the tearing issue with QT5.3 so in linux filesystem edited the /etc/power.ini/ like below

    With above Configuration the tearing issue is disappeared.

    We have downloaded the QT serial port example from below link

    We took the following example code


    Added the following system call in "send request function and compiled.


    Ran the executable and press the "send request button" and it throws below error

    "could not create the egl surface error = 0x3001"

    The same call if we are using in main Dialog window browser is opening and working.

    However if we use the FRONT mode there is no issue but tearing is happening.

    The problem in the flip mode is if we call the system call in inside any push button the external application is not running.

    Please help on this


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