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    I was trying to place a link in a thread to a specific response of another thread. Is this option limited to your status?

  • No, this is not limited. Everyone can put arbitrary links into a comment. The syntax is

    "Text to display":

    // eg

    "A mac deployment problem":

    If you link to method names with parentheses, you should add an extra space after the closing one:

    "QWidget::actions() ":

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    I want to link to a specific response in another thread (it was actually a response of yours). I thought I just have to press "link" under your details and paste it in the thread where I planned to introduce the link. But I was pasting only an old text I had copied and pasted before.

    The solution chosen was to copy the complete URL and place it with the links button in my new repsonse.
    However, with long threads one is referencing, the focus is lost.

    To give chronological summary what I did:

    1. wrote answer in thread (1)
    2. went to the other thread (2)
    3. could not get the link going :(
    4. copied url of thread (2) in browser
    5. placed link in thread (1)
    6. went to thread (2) and pressed quote in your response; the quote has been placed in the "Post a reply" section.
    7. copied the quote from "Post a reply" of thread (2)
    8. placed the quote in thread (1) and posted reply
    9. cleanup (clearing of "post a reply" window) in thread (2)

    That is certainly a possibility, but does look very cumbersome.

    So to go with your example, it would be good to go with:
    "A mac deployment problem": 2)

    With such a short thread and only few responses it is not a big deal. However, if you have already 20 or 40 responses and a couple of the same person, it becomes a problem.

  • That link button just loads the URL of that comment into the browser (thread with #-mark for the anchor). You find the link URL in the address line edit of the browser. Copy it from there into the clipboard. Or right-click on the "link" link, most browsers have an option to copy the link's URL into the clipboard.

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    Thanks for explanation.
    I could get both ways to work. However, when pressing the link during my initial several trials nothing happened.

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