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[solved] How to make QtCreator support qtquick imports when using CMake?

  • Wasn't sure whether to post this here or in QtQuick forum. Before I begin I should thank you guys for the help, I try to give back and help other users when there's free time. Also, embedding QtQuick qml files in widgets is making me euphoric on how awesome that is.

    Now to business, I'm having problems with QtCreator as it won't "import" anything even though I can. The project has been set up to use CMake, which isn't a problem as QtQuick works as expected, but, trying to make QtCreator recognizeQtQuick.Controls or QtQuick.Dialogs is impossible right now. I'd like the extra sugar as autocomplete is always a must-have, especially with QML.

    Screenshots of what I mean:

    Snapshot 1
    Snapshot 2

    Any help appreciated.

  • I'm gonna mark this as solved... QtCreator started recognizing the QML this evening for some reason, so not sure what happened there.