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No event on android tablet when QPushButton is touched?

  • Hi All,

    I have two QPushButtons on my form, with a number in between. I use the signal pressed() to alter the number.

    When I run the program on windows 7 with a mouse, I can click the buttons, and the number in between the buttons reacts as expected.

    When I run the same program on my android tablet, I can press the button, It will select (it goes blue), but my number does not change. When I touch the 3 tabs at the top ("Leaderboard,inpuit,Settings") QTabWidget does react to the touch by showing the other tab.

    I have tried the signal clicked() and pressed() on the buttons, but both don't seem to emit a signal on android, while they do on windows.

    My code is here on github:

    My tablet:
    Asus Transformer tf101
    Android version 4.0.3

    What could this be?
    Kind regards,

  • Strange... Now it just works?

    Anyway it's solved.
    Kind regards,

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