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Qt is native on Android/Ios/Windows Phone?

  • Hi!

    I've been searching for a tool that lets me build mobile multiplatform apps, I found Xamarin, AppCelerator, Cordova/phonegap, and surprisingly Qt. I've tested some little QML examples in my Android Tablet and they work very fine, but my question is: When I develop a QML app (that can run on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android...) and I build it in a specific platform, it generates native code for that platform?

    For example, Cordova creates web application, so, the application is not native, but a web app..

    Qt creates native code or creates a "container" (like cordova) and it display the app inside it?

    Sorry for my poor english

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    No, no container here. Qt uses plugins to talk to the underlying platform. Each has it's own specificity like e.g. Objective C/C++ for iOS or Java for android. But for you basically it doesn't change anything, you write code either in C++ and/or QML (unless you need some platform specific stuff in which case you'll do write e.g. a bit of Objective C/C++ for iOS). You don't have to worry about the underlying stuff.

    Hope it helps