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Qt Licensing / Install Procedure

  • Hello folks,

    i´m on the way to purchase an Indie Mobile License until the 31.Aug. before this option becomes unavailable.
    I allready have tryed to contact Digi / The Qt Company directly but didn´t got an answer.
    What i can´t figure out, is the process of licensing.
    I came to this site
    but how does it work afterwarts - how can Digia figure out, if i have a license or not? Do i get a special installer, or a key which i can use do download a special installer?

    best regards,

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    You'll have access to the installer from your Qt Account pages. You'll also have to login when using the installer so your Qt installation will be tied to the license you have bought.

  • Ah okay, so it works similar to way when licensing the windows offices packet.
    This means i have to deinstall my current "for home use licensed" Qt version and reinstall with the commercial installer.

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    Well, I can't tell. I don't know if you can "upgrade" from one to another.

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