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SSL Handshake problems, which servers that are accepted in the browser

  • Hey,

    I am trying to make a https connection to a server, but I always get ssl handshake errors (unless I set the verify mode to none).
    Using my browser, I do not get any problems (and a green https symbol) in my browser.
    What could be the reason for that?

    I am trying to solve this by adding a certificate using setCaCertificates. I tried the root certificate which I can export from my browser. But that did not help.

    Which certificate do I have to add to with CaCertificates, or is this not the way to go?


  • Hi,

    IIRC Self-Signed certificates are not accepted by default. BTW you can print the error to understand what happens.

    Are you using QSslSocket or QNetworkAccessManager??

  • I am using QNetworkAccessManager. I am not using a self-signed certificate.

    The printed error is: "SSL handshake failed".

  • @RudolfVonKrugstein I am having exactly the same problem with Qt 5.4.1 and openSSL 1.01. I am working on Windows 7 and the software is compiled for 32 bit. I can not connect using SSL to a password secured PHP script. Without SSL it works properly. The SSL certificate is signed by a trusted third party, i.e. GlobalSign. I always get the message SSL handshake failed. I am using QNetworkAccessManager and the default SSLConfiguration.
    Can anybody help give some suggestions?

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