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Qt wants to drop Desktop OpenGL support

  • I just downloaded the Qt5.5 installer, and it doesn't allow me to choose desktop opengl or opengl es anymore.

    it seems to support only opengl es.

    And I recently found many issues with using opengl 4 context in Qt. for example the 2D overlay feature is broken.

    I'm wondering if Qt is planning to drop desktop opengl?

  • Hello,
    The prebuilt Windows binaries ( 5.5) are now compiled with opengl dynamic option. This configure option was added in 5.4. You can read about what that means here

    The way I understand it, if you access OpenGL using only modern Qt OpenGL API, then application will work with either OpenGL or ANGLE. If you want to make direct calls to OpenGL I think you will have to add LIBS += -lopengl32 to your .pro file. Also, you can still build Qt yourself with -opengl desktop option.

  • Thank you for the reply.

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