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Surround Sound with QAudioOutput?

  • Hi,

    I've been using QAudioOutput for a while (48kHz, 16 bits, signed, stereo), and it works fine. Recently I started outputting more than 2 channels - now my application supports 2, 4, 6 or 8 channels. It also works fine.

    My question is how can you possible specify what channels is what? I think the facto standard says the channel order should be like:

    • Stereo: L R
    • 2/2 channels: L R Ls Rs
    • Surround 5.1: L R C LFE Ls Rs

    I can tell that when I output 6 channels (Surround 5.1), it does sound different, but I have this feeling that C/LFE may be swapped with the Ls and Rs. How can you specify this for the QAudioOutput so that the S.O. know what channels is what? Or should you assume some certain order for the channels? Or maybe it isn't possible with QAudioOutput? Phonon?

    Any comment will be very appreciated.


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