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Proper HiDPI implementation for Windows?

  • Hi all,
    Very early on in the development of our apps we were able to achieve nice HiDPI support on Macs without doing much of anything.

    On Windows, it seems like some things (text fields) are interpreting HiDPI-scaled "points" vs. "pixels" not unlike the Mac, but other things (widgets in general, windows) are being sized using explicit pixels.

    The result is the windows and widgets are half the size they should be (or scaled by whatever HiDPI factor Windows is using), yet text labels are all visually truncated.

    What is the secret to nice UI scaling in Windows on HiDPI displays? Is it possible for it to be as simple as it is on a Mac, or do we need to go through every widget and container constraint to apply some special property to allow it to scale correctly like other apps do?


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