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[SOLVED]Portrait camera representation in portrait mode

  • Has someone managed how to display QCamera in a Portrait mode, as portrait not as landscape (3/4, 9/16), also without image rotation?
    I fight with this for weeks, but without any success.

    thank you.

  • Case solved.
    The solution is... print the QCamera to a widget.
    Add the orientation support to that QWidget.
    In the parent, create a slot that call the setOrientation() method to the created QCamera widget, with setting landscape to the orientation.

    in the main window (QCamera Widget parent) add a timer that call the slot form main parent (created early to set the the orientation to QCamera user widget.


  • If this is on Symbian;
    You can set video capture mode and use a capture resolution that has the same aspect ratio as the display.
    E.g. 368x640 for current Symbian^3 devices.

  • Hi CMGeorge, others,
    I've been trying to achieve the same thing, but no success so far. For some reason your example link does not show anything. Can you post the example again, or share it here?

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