Feedback about SDK 1.1 installer

  • Hello,
    I just installed the SDK 1.1 under Windows Vista 32 bit. I was very surprised how slow the installer was, even with virus scanner disabled.

    After starting the offline installer it took more than 5 minutes, until the first dialog appeared. Then the progress bar was stuck at 1% for again about 5 minutes while the harddisk was busy all the time.

    Im sure that the 1.0 installer was much quicker. Is that a technical problem on my laptop, or would you say "works as designed?".

    Another issue: The installer starts installing a default selection of components without asking me what parts I want. So I first need to install almost everything and then can remove what I do not need. This is quite unusual.

  • For the second issue: I have done this several times by mistake - the installer asks you (at least it asks me) on its second screen: ! installer)!

    I've had similar problems (waiting for several minutes) with some of the previous versions but then it was fatal. If now everything is working, I would be happy if I was you :) How many minutes has lasted the installation process?

  • The installer is taking so much time to start because it's compressend, and at startup, it is decompresing himself in temp directory.
    Qt SDK1.0 was almost 3 times smaller in size.
    Also i don't see this to be a problem, because the installing is made only one time.

  • Oh, thanks. I must have overseen the "custom" option. I thought that option is related to the installation directory only.

    Installation takes about 60 minutes on my notebook. The Linux version takes also more than 30 minutes in a virtual Linux machine, and after that it does not run properly. For example, it does not find the help files until I configure them manually and the Maintenance tool hangs when I try to uninstall a component.

    The performance is much much better, when I run the installer with right mouse click as administrator (or sudo under Linux). This also fixed the functional faults that I noticed under Linux.

    Maybe I did not encounter functional problems under windows because it was a clean fresh installation, while my virtual Linux machine is about 1 year old and had already the older 1.0 SDK installed and uninstalled previously.

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