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QWebEngineView: how to select an image (for download)

  • Dear all,

    With QWebView based on WebKit1 in Qt4 I can copy an image displayed inside QWebView to the clipboard. Now with the so called superior QWebEngineView I don't see any exposed methods I can use to do so.

    The examples provided with Qt5 to select images using jscript is not a solution I can use.
    I know I still can use WebKit1 but more and more websites have problems displaying content in it.

    What is what I should take a look at to get a copy of in image inside QWebEngineView to place it inside QClipBoard?

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    @theDAX AFAIK Using JavaScript is the only way to do so. Many of the methods supported by Qt WebKit have not been implemented or not possible. See more info Scroll to Unavailable Qt WebKit APIs

  • OK, thanks.
    Reading my question again, I could/should refrase it. Is there a way to select a single image and then download the selected one?

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