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Problem with WA_TranslucentBackground Attribute.

  • Hello.

    I make some app using Qt.

    I write custom widget and set transparent. But, I can't hide child widget of my custom widget.

    Simply pseudo code in below, someone help me, please.

    class widgetA : public QWidget { ...... }
    class widgetB : public QWidget { ...... }

        widgetA mainW();
        widgetB childW(&mainW);
        // for transparent.
        // without below line, testFunc() is okay.
        // with below line, childW->hide() is not working.
    wA::testFunc( bool show )
        if( show ) childW->show();
        else childW->hide();

    If I set WA_TranslucentBackground, childW->hide() not working.
    When I call childW->hide(), childW still show in my app.

    If I not set WA_TranslucentBackground, childW->show/hide() work fine.

    I using Qt Embedded 4.8 on ARM device, but same result in ubuntu on my desktop.

    Am I made some mistake or something...?

    Thank you.

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