SDK or the libraries ? What do i download ?

  • I am confused. What is the difference between having to download the SDK and te framework only option ? The link to downloads ( points me to these 2 options and I dont know what to get. Pls advice.

  • As always, it depends on what you need.

    If you download the SDK, you get:

    bq. The current Qt SDK includes: Qt libraries version 4.7.3 (change notes), Qt Creator IDE version 2.1 (change notes)

    It also includes the binaries and build tools for symbian, meamo, mingw, ..

    If you donwload the framework only, you get the qt libs and headers. No QtCreator, no tools...

  • I think SDK is for developing new software. Libraries are what you need to just run some software made for you or found elsewhere.

    PS, link should read (no extra ')' )

  • Both is for developement.

    But one is including all the Nokia tools like Creator, meego, symbian, etc, on is library only incl headers and sources.

  • If you are unsure: get the SDK.

  • And use the online installer, then you can select the components you need, otherwise it loads 1.5 GB from the net :-)

  • Guys thanx for helping me out here. I use Qt for development on WIndows desktop. I cudnt find this infor anywhere else. Wish Nokia cud jus give details of their installation available and what we would get.
    Yes I did see a link to an offline installer which runs for 1.5G in size ( which really puzzled me wondering what there could be that big in size.

    I had downloaded the SDK version 2010.05 sometime back and I remember it had the MingW version. Since Im only interested in the VS toolchain I had to go and get back the VS Framework plus the VS addin.

    If its the same story for the 1.1 SDK as well then Im better off gettin the VS Framework and libraries rather than the SDK. Im hoping when u say get the SDK taht the VS toolchain would also be included in that.

    Thanks again guys.

  • I jus downloaded the offline SDK (1.5G) and installed it. All components I need (MinGW and the VS2008 toolchains, plus the Qt Creator) get installed. However they have missed on the Qt Assistant. Now Im trying to look for a place where I can download the Assistant and the docs separately.

  • Qt Assistant is not missing, You can find it at Qt_SDK_PATH\Desktop\Qt\4.7.2\mingw\bin

  • yea but that's only the executable. Strangely the docs are missing. There's no tree on the left side pane. All u get are a few pages of Qt Assistant.
    I chose custom install. But Im pretty sure I dint disable anything that said Qt Assistant. So it appears they left out the Assistant as a separate package. Question is where do i find that separate package for download.

  • I have my Assistant in this path: C:\Qt\SDK1.1\QtCreator\bin, but it does not have any documentation installed by default either. It is easy to add though. Under Edit -> Preferences, you can add documentation sources under the Documentation tab. The documentation is located in C:\Qt\SDK1.1\Documentation

    Weird that it is not there by default. I guess it has to do with the fact that the documentation is also integrated in Qt Creator, and the documentation from there can also be detached from the main Creator window. That's what I use now most of the time.

  • If you do not see docs then i think you have to add the documentation. Do it from QtAssistant->Edit->Preferences->Documentation and add them. You can find the docs at <QT_SDK_PATH>/Documentation

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