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Application is not running after computers reboot

  • Hello.
    I have such code:
    class Application : public QApplication;
    void Application::PreShutdown(QSessionManager& sm)
    Application::Application(int argc, char** argv)
    : QApplication(argc, argv),
    QObject::connect(this, SIGNAL(saveStateRequest(QSessionManager&)),

    I tried QSessionManager::RestartIfRunning, QSessionManager::RestartAnyway, QSessionManager::RestartImmediately, but after reboot my application is not running.
    What's wrong? OS: Windows 7 Qt: 5.3.1

  • Hi, if you want an application to start when you turn on the power or reboot your computer, easiest I think is to place a shortcut to the application in the Autostart folder in your Start menu.

    QSessionManager doesn't seem to do that for you, perhaps you need to do it manually.

  • @hskoglund Thanks for reply.
    In fact, I want to run my application after reboot only if it was running where computer was rebooted.

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