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QtCreator Designer change tab order

  • How can I move a tabpage to an other position in the qtabwidget with the designer.
    I can drag a tabpage but where I must drop it. The mouse changes to "allowed" only on other tabs. Thats logic but has not effect.
    How can I delete a tabpage?

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    hi and welcome
    Still not found out how to reorder myself (in designer) ;)

    To Delete, right click the Tab and find where it says
    Page 1 of X ->
    Then in the sub menu , there is a delete.

  • Thank you for your answer.
    Ok, deleting works. The moving feature seem disabled because of a bug, I think. I will try to edit the *.ui file external.
    By the way, I cannt not really understand the concept of the creator gui. Why I must see always this annoying *.ui file, when I cannot edit it the creator ? Switching to the editor should show the pevious edited file.

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    yeah the xml file is annoying. awful design.
    Use shift+f4 to switch between edit and UI , works so much better.

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