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Drag from QTableView to QListWidget

  • Hello,

    I am new to QT and am working on a GUI application sitting on top of some existing code.
    The issue that I am trying to solve is the following:

    I have an existing data structure (read non-QT model) that contains groups of rows of data.

    I display the content of my data structure using a QListWidget to display the names of the groups (simplest solution) and a QTableView (with a QStandardModel to which I add rows of QStandardItem) for the rows of data in the group selected in the QListWidget.

    I want to allow the user to indicate a drag of a row from the QTableView to an item in the QListWidget.
    I do intend to do the data moving operation 'by hand', I am not looking for an automated way to 'do it form we', but am not getting anywhere!

    It seems that I need to accomplish the following tasks.
    When the user does a mouse down in my Table, I need to record an identifier for the item under the cursor

    • how do I do something on mouse down? there does not seem to be any MouseDown signal/slot!
    • how do I equate my cursor coordinates to the QStandardItem at this position?

    When the user moves the mouse by more than n pixels, I need to change the mouse icon to a drag icon

    • how do I do something on mouse down? there does not seem to be any MouseMove signal/slot!
    • how do I change the mouse icon?

    When the user releases the button, I need, if it was released over the List, to find the index of the item under the mouse

    • still no MouseDown signal/slot? how do I know that the user has released the mouse
    • how to I find from the mouse coordinates what is under the mouse?


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Without things being fully automated, why not make use of Qt's item views drag and drop functionality ?

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