How to get nativeVirtualKey for arrow keys [SOLVED]

  • Hi.
    I need to find a method how to get nativeVirtualKey for arrow keys.
    I've tried so: QKeyEvent(QEvent::KeyPress, Qt::Key_Up, Qt::NoModifier).nativeVirtualKey()
    but it's not work.

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    @Dani said:
    hi and welcome

    Did you test with quint32 QKeyEvent::nativeScanCode() const ?

  • @mrjj You mean this?
    QKeyEvent(QEvent::KeyPress, Qt::Key_Up, Qt::NoModifier).nativeVirtualKey();
    This is not works too - this statement returns 0.

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    @mrjj said:
    No its another function than native virtualkey.

    void keyPressEvent ( QKeyEvent* ke )
            int nativeCode = ke->nativeScanCode();
            qDebug() << nativeCode;

    lists values for arrow keys. Not sure sure if it is the one you want.

    For test I also tried nativeVirtualKey and it returns
    37,38,39,40 for arrows which seems to be VK_LEFT etc.

    From this line I assume you try to use it as lookup call ?QKeyEvent(QEvent::KeyPress, Qt::Key_Up, Qt::NoModifier).nativeVirtualKey();

    You are not catching a real key even but try into to convert from qt::key_up to sort of like VK_ARROWUP ?

    I do not think this can work since the real event provides the sym key and here you just construct a fake one so this info is not there.

  • @mrjj Thank for reply.
    I'm sorry. I meant this in last message: QKeyEvent(QEvent::KeyPress, Qt::Key_Up, Qt::NoModifier).nativeScanCode(); It had not worked too, and now I almost understand why. Explain please, what is sym key? Symbol key?
    I don't know am I right, but I think that it hadn't worked because real event calls this constructor with ready nativeVirtualKey and scanCode:
    QKeyEvent::QKeyEvent(Type type, int key, Qt::KeyboardModifiers modifiers, quint32 nativeScanCode, quint32 nativeVirtualKey, quint32 nativeModifiers, const QString & text = QString(), bool autorep = false, ushort count = 1)
    I thought, this codes are calculating somewhere In constructor, but as i see - they need to be listed when constructor is called.

    I get good nativeVirtualKey in keyboardEvent and it also equals 37, 38, 39, 40, but I wanted to get constants anywhere else and not to use Windows constants. Is there any possible way?

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    yes sym = symbol key. bad name. its more like native key value.
    The reason its not working is that the native/os/nativeVirtualKey is part of the real os event and added to the
    QKeyEvent class when a real OS event happens.
    So I do not think creating one will contain the info you want.

    I have never seen such function but Qt is big so there might be something.
    You might be able to borrow some from KDE

    Can I ask why you want native values and cant just use Qt::Key_xx ?

  • @mrjj With keyboardEvent I store pressed keys.I need to react on English and non-English keyboard the same. So I wanted to use nativeVirtualKey to perform the same reaction on same keys (but in different language). But it hadn't worked for arrow keys: Qt::Key_Up has value 16 777 235. So I needed to do something with that.

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    oh, i thought Qt would send same Qt::Key_xx
    regardless of the actual keyboard.

    Good to know it wont.

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