Leaderboards and Achievments support for Qt games

  • Hi

    Some time ago I've been looking for Leaderboards and Achievments support for my Qt games. Checking several solutions, I've stucked with GameUp (www.gameup.io)
    On the good side its free for beginners/small amount of game users, rich set of http api available, have all what I wanted from such kind of service, etc
    On the bad side - no c++/Qt/QML API
    So, I've decided to implement it on my own
    The result (not finished yet) is located here: https://github.com/vladest/GameUpQt
    this is QML implementation of GameUp API
    its actively in development, not all features are implemented
    Feel free to check it out and send me your bugs/suggestions/patches or extend it by yourself

  • Hi Vlad,
    did you check out V-Play Game Network?

    It contains cross-platform leaderboards, achievements, data sync, and connection with Facebook and Game Center.
    It also comes with a ready-made Qt UI which is customizable to your needs, but also the default UI is optimized for mobile use cases.
    It is based on Qt, so there is a Qt & QML API available, also for Qt games not based on the V-Play Game Engine.

    Compared to other game services, it allows anonymous logins: so players can use the full featureset like leaderboards and achievements without having to log in (most players will not want to connect their email or Facebook account).

    Compared to GameUp V-Play Game Network is cheaper and has more features. GameUp costs $69 per month if you have more than 10k MAU or 0.02$ per MAU after September, based on the information on their pricing page. Thus for example a game with 100k MAU is 2,000$, per month which is far away from free..

    You can check out these puzzle games with >1 million downloads in the Google Play Store to have a look how V-Play Game Network looks in published games.


  • Hi Chris

    yes, I did
    but had to abandon it due to funding issues


  • Hi Vlad,
    there is a free version of V-Play available now, which also includes access to the V-Play Game Network services like leaderboards, achievements, etc.


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