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MDI Windows <-> Nomal Window switching

  • Hello,
    I make some experiments with the MDI-Area. Before I switched to Qt I had implemented a very good feature with my other IDE: Moving a Window out of a MDI-Area and show it on a 2. monitor and move it back again.
    I discovered the QMdiSubWindow as new-found for me. I never used it before because the Mdi-mechanisms works with QDialog too.
    MdiArea->addSubWindow(QDialog*) works
    MdiArea->removeSubWindow(QDialog*) works not, the windows stays open but becomes empty - blank white.
    So my questions:

    1. Which advantage I have with QMdiSubWindows compared to QDialogs?
      (It would be very uncomfortable to use a second window base, because I have subclassed QDialog)
    2. How can I move (not via mouse of course but via code) a window out of a Mdi Area and make it to a normal window!

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