Need to store and retrieve Qt::UserRole data in a QAbstractTableModel

  • Hi, i have a tableview with a column that use combobox
    I correct subclase QAbstractTableModel and QStyledItemDelegate based on this wiki

    My combobox have many items, so in the ComboBoxItemDelegate::setEditorData i does not want to findText on combobox

    QString currentText =;
    int cbIndex = cb->findText(currentText);

    Just i want to retrieve the index from the model using Qt::UserRole

    int cbIndex =;

    Then in the TableModel try to set Qt::UserRole

    QVariant TmLayers::data(const QModelIndex &index, int role) const
    	if (role == Qt::DisplayRole  && index.column()==1)
    	  { //This work
    	   return QVariant((*mSource)[index.row()].getLayer()->ZScaleName());
       if (role == Qt::UserRole  && index.column()==1)
    	  { //This don´t work
    	   qDebug()<<"UserRole and column 1";
    	   return QVariant((*mSource)[index.row()].getLayer()->ZScaleIndex());
       return QVariant();

    But the model never call the data with role == Qt::UserRole

    What can be wrong?

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    If you are seeing data properly then it means that you are not using your TmLayers model because currently it would return nothing unless role is Qt::DisplayRole and the column is 1.

  • Thank for the reply but i don´t understand your answer.
    Now the model work perfect.
    In the QVariant TmLayers::data(...) have many if() for the other columns.
    The column with combobox is the number 1

    if ((role == Qt::DisplayRole ||role == Qt::EditRole) && index.column()==1)
    return QVariant((*mSource)[index.row()].getLayer()->ZScaleName());

    It work ok, but inside the itemdelegate I must to search by string:

    void idZScale::setEditorData(QWidget *editor,const QModelIndex &index) const
    QString modelvalue = index.model()->data(index, Qt::EditRole).toString();
    QComboBox comboBox = static_cast<QComboBox>(editor);
    //Recive string then must to find it
    int pos = comboBox->findText(modelvalue,( Qt::MatchExactly | Qt::MatchCaseSensitive ));
    if (pos==-1){qDebug()<<"Don found";comboBox->setCurrentIndex(0);}

    And i want to do that:

    int cbIndex =;

    But i does not know how to store the index value in the model.
    I hope to be clear

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    You would need to add that to your object but what's the problem with the findText method ? It allows you to reorder the items in the combo box at will without having to worry about that index.

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