Bluetooth LE Support QT5.5

  • I have a Qt Apllication that uses the bluetooth LE functionalities. i want this project get working on the raspberry pi. i created the cross compile environment with Ubuntu 15.04 and its working. Starting the cross compiled application on the raspberry pi is also working. the problem is that the QTBluetoothDeviceDiscovery Agent throws this message: "device discovery is not supported on this platform"

    How can i solve this?
    I have compiled the qtbase and qtconnectivity sources.

  • Hi Ralle,

    QtBluetooth is using the BlueZ Stack on Linux. Did you install this on your raspi?

  • yeah thx, its working. i had it installed but after compiling qt, that was the fault. But the low energy is not really working. another missing package that i have to install? I have installed: bluetooth bluez-utils libbluetooth-dev

  • seems BLE is not well supported with the standard packages. Maybe you need to build an install a newer version of bluez.

    have a look at:

  • not working :/ if i compile bluez5, qt5 dont recognize bluez. qmake says for the qtconnectivity modul :
    "Checking for bluez... no"
    "Checking for bluez_le... no"

    If i installed bluez 4.99 over apt-get bluez is recognised, only bluez_le not.
    do i have to change other settings after compile and install bluez5?

    EDIT: i have upgraded to jessie, no its working. Jessie uses bluez 5.23. maybe it's also working if bluez5 is used on wheezy, don't know.

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