[SOLVED] QListView and QShortcut - randomly works or not

  • I have strange problem with QListView and QShortcuts.
    I've made it typically

    QShortcut* sh_esc = new QShortcut(QKeySequence(Qt::Key_Escape), listView, SLOT(clearSelection()));
    QShortcut* sh_ctrlshifta = new QShortcut(QKeySequence("Ctrl+Shift+a"), listView, SLOT(clearSelection()));

    It is randomly working or not depending on the build. I have been looking at this for over hour until i have realized that. Its like all of the created shortcuts for this widget work or no one.
    It have nothing to do with specified keys. I can put absolutely everything there and it isn't working.

    ## EDIT ##
    This actually seems to work:

    new QShortcut(QKeySequence(Qt::Key_Escape), listView, SLOT(clearSelection()), SLOT(clearSelection()), Qt::WidgetShortcut);
        new QShortcut(QKeySequence("Ctrl+Shift+a"), listView, SLOT(clearSelection()), SLOT(clearSelection()), Qt::WidgetShortcut);

    When it wasn't set to Qt::WidgetShortcut the keys have been handled by listView parents and that stopped them from working.

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