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  • Dear Sir or Madam

    I wish you have a good day.
    Let me introduce myself. My name is Huyen Thanh Pham account manager of distribution and product development at SunNet ICT (A company specializing in the development of products on multiple mobile platform).
    In the near future, we look forward to expanding cooperation and partnership between countries, expanding the development and supply of our products to international markets. I spent a lot of time to read information about your company, and I know you are a developer, supplier and servant who popularly provide services. And I can see the potential, reputation, reliability in your company.

    If you care and attention to the invitation to cooperate with my development, please do not hesitate to reply to this message.
    In the future if you want more information to understand our company or have any question about us, please let me know. Because we would like to become your partner and providing mobile products for yours.
    We are looking forward to hearing you opinion .
    Thank you for reading this letter.

    Your sincerely,

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    I spent a lot of time to read information about your company

    Which company?

    This forum is for users to learn Qt. Do you want to use Qt?

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