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Run-time error "index out of range"

  • Hi all,

    I fighting with a nasty problem on my Windows port (VS2008/VC++v9) for a test-tool with 2 threads.
    To give you an overview what I did:

    MainThread (keeps fingers on the Display/Input-Events)
    WorkerThread (did some serial communication)

    MainThread send commands by QQueue to the WorkerThread to tell what command to execute.
    WorkerThread uses signal/slot to update the MainThreads QListWidget, QTextEdit, QLineEdit ....

    What happen under Windows, the WorkerThread use a signal to clear a logging window (QListWidget). Next it write some debug
    info's into it. ASSERT QVector<T>::at: "index out of range". (SOMETIMES)

    When I debug the session and go back in the call-stack and check the variables i(1) and d->size(20) the Assert condition
    not match any more ( i > 0 && i < d->size ).

    My workaround I sleep for 200ms after the QListWidget::clear() before I continue with the program.

    Not working: use a Mutex to protect the update calls in the MainThread to manipulate the display.

    Mainthread queue in:
    void Reader::freqSetPreset()
    Cmd cmd;
    cmd.cnum = Cmd::PRESETFREQ;
    cmd.freqMode = ( cbFrePreset->currentIndex() & 0xff );

    WorkerThread Dequeue
    forever {
    if ( _run ) {
    if ( _cmdqueue.isEmpty() ) {
    else {

    Cmd cmd = _cmdqueue.dequeue();

    switch ( cmd ) {
    case Cmd::PRESETFREQ:
    qDebug("Thread1 PresetFeq");
    // workaround


    void Worker::freqSetPreset(const quint8 FreMode)
    if ( _rmu.SetFrequency( FreMode, FreBase, BaseFre, ChannNum, ChannSpc, FreHop ) ) {
    updateStatus("Preset Frequency\tOK"); // signal


    successions welcome.


  • Where exactly in the above code does your program crash?

  • Franz,

    I need to start the thing in the Virtual Studio ( ;-( ) ) then I can tell exactly.

    a) QListWidget::clear()
    b) QListWidget::addItem(s) QString s

    sender WorkerThread via signal to receiver MainThread slot.

    I never face the problem on the Linux.

  • Could be an issue with non-queued signals between threads. Did you read Peppe's great wiki article "Threads, Events and QObjects": already? It explains a lot of stuff in this area.

  • Volker,

    That's a succession ..
    thanks I will dig in - windows macht mich fertig!.

    But its 6:15pm in Hong Kong now and I go and have a beer. This problem needs to wait until tomorrow , but I let you know.


  • Enjoy your "Feierabend" :-)

  • Hi All,

    I found the my problem. The Logging !
    I have my own MessageOutHandler .. this Handler wrote non synchronized directly to the ListWidget and triggers the ASSERT() .. - no need for the work around any more.

    Volker the article you refer was very nice. Some of the infos help me find my fault.


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