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[Badges | Suggestion] Add badge for moderator status

  • I think it would be good if it were clear who on the forum has moderator rights, so perhaps the badges could be used to indicate this as well by simply adding a moderator badge.

  • Doesn't the rank thing do that already in some sort of way?
    Just a suggestion, if it comes to that, so it is always visible, maybe a "twibbon":http://twibbon.com/ like overlay on the avatar?

  • No, rank does not completely match with moderator. Users of a certain rank can be elevated to moderator status, but this is not automatically so. What's more, people might only be moderator for one forum, one group of forums, or all forums.

    Not sure if we need yet another different means to indicate this. I like the idea of an overlay, but it becomes a bit much: an overlay for the forum status, a status based on your points, and badges... On the other hand you probably like to have the moderator one always visible, and the Troll one will also be always visible if it applies. So moderating Trolls will have no choice in their other badges any more.

  • and we do not only have moderators, we also have admins, as moderators are not allowed to some stuff (I think closing of topics is an admin function). And additionally our Super admins (Alexanrda, Marius, Gurudutt adn I think Tobias, right?).

    If we introduce some badges for moderators, we should also have some for admins and super admins.

  • Agreed with Gerolf. People should know whom they can write to ask for thread closing for example. And yes, it is admin function.

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