How to get visible delegates in a GridView

  • Hello,

    is there a way to find out the current visible elements within a GridView?

    I found different ways for elements within a ListView but I do not get it work with a GridView.

    Not tested code for ListView:

    property bool isOutBoundaries : (y > ListView.view.contentBottom || y + height < ListView.view.contentY)

    property bool isVisible : (((index * height) >= ListView.view.contentY &&
    (index * height) <= ListView.view.contentBottom) ||
    ((index * height) + height >= ListView.view.contentY &&
    (index * height) + height <= ListView.view.contentBottom))
    onIsVisibleChanged: { if (isVisible && ListView.view.moving) triggerSomeAction(); }

    In following code snippet from my GridView how can I get a reference to "GridView.view" within the MediaItemsGridDelegate component?

    GridView {
    id: gridview
    MediaItemsGridDelegate {
    id: delegateItem

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