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QCompleter with Regular Expresions

  • Hi guys.... I need to use QCompleter with Regular Expression and I don't know why... to be exactly, I have a QLineEdit which I need to have the following behaviour:

    Imagine that I have the folowwing list:
    {"RegComp", "Testing the Qt Completer", "We are Testing Regular Expressions"}

    I need that when I type "Test", the completer give me:
    "Testing the Qt Completer"
    "We are Testing Regular Expressions"
    If I type "Test Reg" the completer give me:
    "We are Testing Regular Expressions"

    How can I do that ?? because the QCompleter doesn't have this behaviour


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    Can you show how you setup your QLineEdit + QCompleter ?

    And which version of Qt are you using ?

  • @SGaist

    Hi SGaist and thanks for always answer me...

    I'm trying to do the same as the example in the assistance for the QCompleter help. The model is a list of strings, but I need to search using regular expressions


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    Then completer->setFilterMode(Qt::MatchContains); should get you what you want.

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