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Displaying/grouping images

  • Hello,

    Sorry for the lousy title, not sure if there's a established term to what I want to do. I was hoping someone could lead me on what classes and a little bit of explanation to get started on this feature.

    What I want to do is have a group of images grouped from left to right where the user can click on each section and get the desired information. Thing is I'm practically on diapers when it comes to GUI, I got the basics, yet I'm just not sure where to start (layouts, placement of images so that they don't overlap with each other).

    I created an screenshot of what I want to do, It'll probably remind you of WIndows 8 start menu.

    Note that I'm not asking for a full implementation, just guidance on the subject.

  • @David.G Hi,
    I would suggest to use QtQuick if you can. It's much easier to make good looking stuff like what you discribed with QtQuick than with traditional widgets.

  • Hey, I'll take a look at it; I have no doubt that it'll be better doing it in QtQuick. Although for posterity it'd be nice to know the classes involved in QtWidgets.

  • @David.G said:

    classes involved in QtWidgets

    You'll need QGridLayout and QLabel to display images. To trigger some action when one of your images is clicked you must reimplement QLabel's mouse event handlers. Have a look at for the latter.

    Hope this helps. Don't hesitate to ask if you need more info.

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