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Update error on Nokia n8

  • Hi,

    I am trying to run the batteryIndicator

    The app runs well in the simulator

    When I try to install it on a Nokia N8, the program compiles normally and I am getting:
    the application running with pid 1897
    the screen of the N8 show
    preparing installation` thenfinalizing installationthenInstall`` with an ok button i press
    a security warning that the application is untrusted
    I click continue

    I install the 10kb in E: Mass Memory

    I am thengetting an Update error warning and a black screen
    The only way to close the batteryIndicator app is to navigate among the opened app and close it from there.

    I have no clue what the problem can be and «i don`t know how to investigate that issue.

    Note that I have been able to install apps that I wrote with the previous SDK

    thanks for any help here

  • Did you install the various required packages onto the n8 first? There are shortcuts to do this in the windows start menu in the Qt SDK->Symbian^3 directory.

  • Hi,

    Wrap the application with "Nokia Smart Installer": this way you will be sure that all required Qt dependencies will be installed on the device.

    Best regards,

  • Hi,

    yes it worked properly once I used the Nokia Smart Installer. A bit strange because I thought I had installed all the sis files from the QtSDk/Symbian/sis/Symbian^3.
    Any way this installer does the job.


  • [quote author="jcxr" date="1305033981"]
    Any way this installer does the job.[/quote]

    Well in general the smart installer is made to save time and solve such problems. So the issue is solved :)

    Best regards,

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