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QT won't find files on secondary hard drive

  • I have installed QT to my E: drive in a program files folder inside a folder of its own. The program won't find the files but when I use windows explorer they are all there.
    :-1: error: error: Files\qt\5.5\android_armv7\include: No such file or directory
    is the first of 7 errors in finding the directory even though it exists and contains all necessary files.

  • typically, you need to add the module needed like that

    QT += moudules

    but your problem seems different. perhaps you should check your system settings. e.g. have your installed ndk ? or setup PATH varalble ?

  • The problem is the space in your path (Program Files) to the Qt files. Remove the spaces or set up all paths to be declared within quotes. Better reinstall Qt to some low path "D:\Qt" or similar. We also had qmake/compiler problems with long pathvariables when installing in some subfolders due to a maximum command input length.

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