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Examples not installed for the Qt/MinGW Win version

  • I just installed the Win version of Qt (which I hope includes the MinGW compiler). I tried to verify the installation by going through the examples. When I tried to open an example I got an error that said the examples weren't installed. Is there some way to install the examples separately, or did I do something wrong? I'm pretty sure I selected everything during install. Any help is appreciated.



  • I guess the only way to do this is to compile and install them manually.

  • Which version of Qt are you using?

  • It's Qt SDK v2010.4. I didn't do anything. But now the examples are there. I do have a couple of different problems now.

    1 - I tried to build the animated tiles example as a release version. I get a build error that says there is no moc.main. Aren't the moc files supposed to be generated automatically?

    2 - I copied the textfinder files that I built under linux to my Win installation. Everything compiled & ran fine from within the IDE (Qt Creator), but the executable won't run on it's own. Generates errors about missing dll's. I tried copying those dll's into the same folder the program ran from until I got an error that the QtCore dll couldn't find an entry point. (I know. I should have made screen shots, but I've been working a lot & I was exhausted.)

    Again, any help figuring this out is appreciated.


  • Looks like this is still an issue. I installed QT creator 2.0.94

    Can someone tell me how I can install examples after, if they did not come as part of the package?


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