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Issues when using newer libraries

  • Hello,

    I have an application that print labels with data obtained from database. I now built my app with Qt 5.5. When using application I ran into issue with label printer. It keeps giving message that label format provided by application does not correspond to label that is actually in printer. In previous versions of Qt I didn't have this issue. Even more, if I take unmodified app binary (compiled for Qt 5.5) and use it with older Qt version libraries (5.2), app works like it should. Does somebody maybe know which change in newer libraries could cause this issue? Have a feeling it would be hard to find out but still asking :)

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Sounds like it could be a regression. You should check the bug report system to see if it's something known. If not please consider opening a new report providing a minimal compilable example.

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