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[Solved] Cannot get any focus signal

  • Hello,
    we are trying to debug a focus problem in our application, and it seems QApplication::focusWidgetChanged is never emitted.
    I created a simple object just to listen the signals like this:

    				app, SIGNAL(focusWidgetChanged(QWidget * old, QWidget * now)), 
    				this, SLOT(onFocusWidgetChanged(QWidget * old, QWidget * now))
    				app, SIGNAL(focusWindowChanged(QWidget * now)), 
    				this, SLOT(onFocusWindowChanged(QWidget * now))

    We have forms, multiple docks and windows in our application, but none of these focus signals are called Oo
    How can I know when something is focused? Or does it really means there is no focusing at all in the application?

  • @Zylann I think the signal should be void QApplication::focusChanged(QWidget * old, QWidget * now), not focusWidgetChanged.

    Could you please try with that signal?

  • I tried too, it didn't works either.

  • @Zylann Which platform are you using? Linux, Windows, OS?

  • I use Windows 7 64 bits, with Visual Studio 2013 as IDE.

    EDIT: I just noticed these warnings:
    [Warning] QObject::connect: No such signal QApplication::focusChanged(QWidget * old, QWidget * now)
    [Warning] QObject::connect: No such signal QApplication::focusWindowChanged(QWidget * now)
    But these signals exist?

  • @Zylann In the next example:


    You can see how the signal is working.

  • @Zylann OMG :) I see where the problem is.

    You don't need to name your input variables in the signal/slot methods.

        connect(app, SIGNAL(focusChanged(QWidget *, QWidget *)), 
                this, SLOT(focusChanged(QWidget *, QWidget *))

  • Ooooh yes, it fixed the problem :'D
    Thank you !

  • @Zylann Great! :)

    Please, mark the post as solved ;)

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