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QPlatformInputContext::filterEvent not called

  • I wrote my own inputcontext class derived from QPlatformInputContext. But on one of my linux devices the filterEvent method is not called in case I press a key. But the keystrokes from external keyboard goes into my widgets as expected - text is written.
    On my desktop machine (Windows + VMware + Ubuntu 12.04) everything is fine.
    Any reasons for this behaviour?

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    You should give more information about the setup where the filter is not working compared to the one where it's currently working.

  • The difference is X11 versus embedded.

    One desktop X11 is available. Thus the xcb plugin is used.
    One the other system eglfs is used. The call of the application is ./MyApp -platform eglfs -plugin evdevkeyboard
    I can debug into the plugin and the keystrokes are handled there and following plugin method is called.
    But the event does not reach by plugin.

    void QEvdevKeyboardHandler::processKeyEvent(int nativecode, int unicode, int qtcode,
                                                Qt::KeyboardModifiers modifiers, bool isPress, bool autoRepeat)
        QWindowSystemInterface::handleExtendedKeyEvent(0, (isPress ? QEvent::KeyPress : QEvent::KeyRelease),
                                                       qtcode, modifiers, nativecode + 8, 0, int(modifiers),
                                                       (unicode != 0xffff ) ? QString(unicode) : QString(), autoRepeat);


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    What do you mean by "the event does not reach by plugin" ?

  • @SGaist
    My plugin derives from QPlatformInputContext. The method QPlatformInputContext::filterEvent(const QEvent *event) is called for events in case I use qxcb. I want to achieve the same behaviour in case I use eglfs. In eglfs the plugin generic/ is loaded, which containts the code in my previous post.
    Either there is a specific setting possible or I have to read the keyboard outcome by myself.


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    From a quick look it seems that the QEvdevKeyboardHandler class doesn't take QPlatformInputContext at all while it's integrated in the xcb backend. You could try adding it to QEvdevKeyboardHandler

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