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Update broke QT Maintenance tool ?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    I sign in and press next and it tells me that
    No valid license available in Qt Account for this host platform

    So I cant use this tool with open version Qt ?

    Before I updated the tool , it did show me a list of things I could update,
    but could only select the M.tool update. so I did that.

    And now this error.

    Thank you

  • The maintenance tool becomes stranger and stranger!
    A while ago I had accidently pressed "update" and found later on that also setups, I thought being secure, did not work anymore.
    I could never find a logical explanation and ticked it off as mystery. Most likely the source of the problem was a windows update, but I still have a strange feeling with the maintenance tool.

    Sorry, will not help at all ;)

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Will it did confirm for me that at some point the tool did work.
    was not 100% sure I actually did update something in the past :)

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