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QCheckBox in a QTextEdit

  • Hello,how can I put in my QTextEdit a QCheckBox?is it possible?

    Thank you for a reply,Nicola.

    [EDIT: more meaningful topic, Volker]

  • Could you give us a few more details? How is this custom component supposed to look and react to user input? As far as I can tell you're looking for a text-input component that has check-box on left/right side? Why not simply align QTextEdit with a QCheckBox and remove label from check-box? Based on your specific requirements you may decide to compose a custom component out of those two standard components.

  • I got to create a sort of "add Friend",I have x line with a text in my TextEdit and i would to put x CheckBox (one for line). (for me this is the simple solution)

    For example:
    aaaa CheckBox
    bbbb CheckBox
    cccc CheckBox

    I only know the TextEdit,but I think there are a best solution for this problem.

  • So... why are you using a QTextEdit here? For displaying a list, there are far "better": "solutions": in Qt. Those make it easy to add a checkbox as well.

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