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Increase size of QFIleDIalog?

  • gps_file = QFileDialog::getOpenFileName(this, tr("Open File"),
    "/home/apaul/Downloads", tr("GPS-Files (*.txt)"),0,QFileDialog::DontUseNativeDialog);

    When I use this statement, is there some way to increase font size of the text that appears in the FIle DIalog?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    its a static function that creates its own FileDialog.
    but if you apply a style sheet to the parent, it does apply to it too

     this->setStyleSheet("QTreeView {font: 16pt \"Arial\";}")

    there "this" is the same this as you use in the call
    QFileDialog::getOpenFileName(this, ......

    since this also affects the font size of the parent's other QTreeView ,
    it maybe be a good idea to restore font size after/restore stylesheet or
    find out the exact name of the sub control inside the QFileDialog and target that by name.

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