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Qt OpenGLFunctions access Was removed from 5.5?

  • Hi!

    I have an aplication that Uses Pure OpenGL , starting the system with the OpenGLFunctions and Contexts , etc....

    Installing now the 5.5 Version i see the OpenGL versions of Qt not exists anymore...

    Applications that already have a 3D component to work will not be able to access the Rendering screens and use Qt???

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    Are you talking about the offline installers ?

  • Just for instance.
    I recompile my project using the instaled 5.5 version in a Windows 64 Kit (without that specific package for OpenGL) , and it works lovelly!

    But i´m worried if it will possible for example use the benefits of Qt3D Module and use my own 3D components , since many objects like Materials Meshs , vertices and etc...i already have working.

    Anyone know about how this things will work for aplications that make their own rendering processes?


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