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How to implement KNXnet/IP communication into Qt mobile apps for android and iOS?

  • I'm doing a research for a project where a mobile app should be created to communicate directly with KNXnet/IP-gateways for controlling the KNX-Bus home automation system. The core problem is to find a cross platform driver/library, which can implement the communication between the Qt mobile app and the KNXnet/IP gateway. Has anyone experience on this topic and can suggest a library to use?

  • Hello.

    I started a project for doing this a while ago. It's not complete but maybe you want to take part developing it?

    telegram class is working and receiving udp packets works, sending still to be implemented, but thats done fast i guess. in 0.0.2-alpha i had all dpts running, just need to add them back to the current code.

    maybe have a look on it, still searching for people to team up with.

    with friendly regards,
    rouven raudzus

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