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Ok, qt is built. How to run it from command prompt???????

  • I've built static qt 5.5 using this script: windows-build-qt-static.ps1

    QT sits in C:\Qt\Static. There are 2 folders in that directory. The first folder is "5.5.0" which only cointains moc.exe and qmake.exe in bin directory. There is no bat files responsible for running command line. Nothing. Another folder is "src" and actually contains sources - qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.5.0.

    Well, whats next? How to run it?????? What should i do next? Can anyone please help me??? I will send a btc tip.

  • Hi and welcome to devnet

    What do you mean qith running Qt?
    Qt is basically a library set often called Qt libs.
    There is an integrated development environment IDE called Qt creator. However, IIRC this is not part of what you have built.
    Also it is typically not required to do the build yourself. There are installers for several options of prebuilt version you may choose from. Building Qt libs yourself is typically required when you like to have a special version (e.g. a static version). However, you should be sure of what kind of license you want to use.

    For starting and going the first steps and understanding Qt, the open source version may be enough. Best way is to go to download page . I suppose this should help you to make some right choices. It is brandnew.

    Choose a desktop installer and install qt including Qt creator and possibly another compiler if required.

    After this there are a couple of tutorials to can follow.

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