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Documentation for dark.creatortheme

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    Where can i read about what the keys refer too ?

    the file controls the look of Qt Designer but i cannot find ANY information on how it works/refer too.


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    I doubt you will find any docs, but the format doesn't seem that hard to figure out.
    The general section has theme name and style plugin.
    The palette part defines some color constants (AARRGGBB format) used later.
    Colors are pretty much self-explaining: What it applies to = color or color constant
    Then some flags - also with descriptive names...

    If you're curious about what exactly applies where the best source would be, well, the source :) Qt Creator is open sourced.
    But I don't think you need to look that deep. Should be pretty easy to modify one of the predefined themes to suit your needs. Just mingle with the colors and see where they apply. The names are big indicators there ;)

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    It was the "what applies where" that hunts.
    I did play a lot ! ;)
    but the "selection color" (light grey)
    for the Object list
    while editing UI files , i can change while using
    Dark theme, but when use default (light), the VERY same key does nothing.
    aka do not change the color.

    Also it has a

    and defaultstyle
    Seems to matter for what i want.
    and [Palette] where where you sort of can define aliases it seems.

    And when i finally thought I had it, it turned out the value tool tip/eval also turned blue as my selection.

    So docs would have been nice. :)
    thank you

    for the default style i changed all colors to green. Half the elements in Designer kept their normal color
    so I guess i must read the code to understand why its not as straight as it looks.

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