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Creating "matrix-look-like" graphics

  • Hey everybody, I'm newbie in qt and graphic programming but now I'm working on project on GUI to display matrix look-like graphic( in the easiest way - a square separated with lines with indexes above rows and letf to the columns ). After watching some tutorials, my idea was adding white coloured rectangles with dark frames (to isolate from the others )in QGraphicsScene, but Im not sure is it the proper way to do that. I Hope there is the Way to do that by adding in a loop to window squares/rectangles. Unfortunetly I still can't figure out how to do this, my "matrix" will always have size NxN (so its a square), I have further idea for this graphic, but I have to start with this, with anything. If anybody can help me, show me the way how can I do it or give some ideas it would be great :).
    Thanks in advance :)

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