can´t see JSON docs outside the app´s folder (Android)

  • Hello there,

    i have an app on my smartphone where i store datas via JSON for save and load purpose.
    By default they´re saved in the app´s directory wich isn´t seeable when i browse the folders via a desktop PC. So i changed the app´s working dir via QDir::setCurrent("XXXX");
    But still i can´t see the documents. But i know they´re present. When i do

    • save something
    • close App
    • open App
      The last datas a reloaded
      and when i delete the folder and create a new one with same name and try to relaod the project there´s nothing to laod.
      So i know they must be there but they are hidden. They are still invisible when i set the corresponding folder property.
      Is there a way to change this or is it a hard part of the "sand box" principle?

    best regards!!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    You should try to use on the standard folder that you can get from QStandardPaths

    Hope it helps

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